About Us


Auburn Islamic Community Centre is committed to provide religious and community services to the Auburn and Western Sydney Islamic community. AICC offers support and charitable services by providing family guidance programs and settlement assistance to established community members and new arrivals to Australia. AICC also offers guidance and assistance within the framework of the Islamic faith. Our services are based on the Australian values of fairness, inclusiveness, honesty and accountability. AICC values are inspired by the examples (Seerah) and teachings (Sunnah) of the Prophet of Islam Mohammad (peace be upon him).


  • Providing a place of worship where people gather to practice and develop their faith. Promote Islamic education and religious instructions to the Muslim members of the community and promote the charitable values of Islam.
  • Welcom people of all backgrounds seeking an understanding of Islam and Muslims.
  • Providing a family-friendly facility where people young and old, men, women and children are treated with respect and equality.
  • A Centre of excellence which respects all faiths and tolerance of others and diversity; is opposed to expressing ideas or attitudes that support racism, misogyny, terrorism, extremism or any form of hate speech either oral, written or in multimedia.
  • A community-oriented place that brings together a group of worshippers who will be responsible and contribute to local community and support an atmosphere of peace, tolerance and community sharing.
  • An interfaith space that provides a venue for faith communities to interact in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.
  • A place community support where access to other community services can be acquired.
  • A green space where environmentalism and sustainability is promoted and practiced.
  • A charitable place where humanitarian and charitable causes are supported.
  • To promote ties and co-operation with the International Islamic Community.

Core Services

  • To provide services to enable all Muslims to fulfill their religious obligations and duties. AICC as an Islamic community center provides services for men, women and children all of all ages.
  • The services are based on the prescribed principles of Islam, the Qur’an (holy book) and Sunnah (teachings of Islam).
  • These services include the organization of religious festivals and events. This includes the two major religious festivals (Eid) in Islam: the festival of Eid Al-Fitr (celebrate end of Ramadan) and Eid Aladha (observance of Abraham celebrate the end of the Hajj ceremony).
  • Another service is to provide places of worship for the western Sydney Muslim community. This provides a system of pastoral care for the Islamic community to promote social engagement and ease social isolation within the local Muslim community.
  • Provide social support and community services programs for the western Sydney Muslim community and religious services. These services include marriage celebrant services pre-marriage and post-marriage counseling, general counseling services and referrals to suitable agencies for the communities.
  • Give assistance for children and youth, women, the elderly and support for those in need of charitable assistance and community services, within an Islamic framework.
  • Provide settlement assistance and education programs for established community members newly arrived migrants and refugees in Australia.
  • To promote connectivity with the non-Muslim Australian community by providing education, resources, interfaith dialogue opportunities and events.
  • To develop a harmonious relationship with neighbors and community at large through promoting education and awareness about the Islamic faith an Muslims to the broader Australian community.
  • To participate and support humanitarian causes, that do not conflict with Islamic teachings.

Strategic Plan

AICC are committed to maintaining governance structures that are guided by transparency and inclusiveness. AICC policies and processes promote short-term and long-term financial sustainability and accountability. We operate within a framework commitment to best practice for all AICC activities.

AICC aims to:

Achieve organizational excellence: operational efficacy, transparency,accountability, performance, communication with the Muslim and broader community, short-term and long-term financial sustainability.

Strengthen and develop the Australian Muslim communities in western Sydney.

Enhance interfaith collaboration and civic engagement between the Muslim community and the broader Australian community.We will establish resource base to educate and inform the Muslim and broader community about Islam and Muslim practices.

The organisation will promote a diverse and inclusive working environment, and ensure our procedures and policies adhere to Australian standards and foster to productivity, collaboration and efficiency in our organisation.