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It’s a memorisation competition (meaning you won’t have access to a Quran during your test).

It’s a competition in GOOD FUN (we’re here for healthy competition but you need to be respectful of your fellow competitors).

You have to be between the ages of 5 to 18 (exceptions can be made in special cases, have a chat with Sarah).

You have 1 month to register (no exceptions can be made to this because we’re working on a tight deadline and if you miss out, consider subscribing to our weekly updates so that you don’t miss out).

The competition will take place within the first 2 WEEKS of Ramadan so you NEED to be ready to go!

You must choose ONE Division only.

You must stick to the contstrains of that ONE Division (for example, if you are doing DIVISION FOUR which is 5 Aj’zaa, it’s important to note that these 5 Aj’zaa are the final 5 of the Quran – NOT RANDOM AJ’ZAA).

We have expert judges on the panel so you’ll be in good hands

If you compete, you NEED to be available for the Awards Nights (which we will let you know when and where they will be held soon).

Mum and Dad are NOT permitted in the examination room. (If your child can’t separate from you, reconsider enrolling them next year).

You must be ON TIME. Our team are working on an extremely tight deadline, and if you’re late, you’ll lose your spot.

The competition will take place at AICC’s Musalla at 12 Harrow Rd, Auburn NSW 2144. We do NOT have the option for online participation.

You must be located in NSW, Australia to participate.

Registrations Are Now Closed