Social Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is too provide guidance on the use of Auburn Islamic Community Centres (AICC) social media websites to both individuals working within AICC and to those individuals visiting the websites.


Social media is defined as a means of a website, mobile application or technology that allows users to share, communicate information with others online.


Harassment/bullying will not be tolerated within the AICC or across AICC’s social media. It is expected that you will treat fellow colleagues, members and visitors to AICC and its website with respect and dignity. Do not behave in ways that a reasonable person would consider offensive, intimidating, humiliating or threatening.


Demeaning or offensive social media posts will be removed. In the case that it is reported that you are involved in such behaviour or behind any dishonourable racial, ethnic, sexual or religious insults the complaint will be taken to the appropriate individuals and suitable action will be taken in regard to your behaviour. This may include legal action if offensive comments, posts or behaviour is continued.


Volunteers/ individuals working on behalf of AICC may use social media whilst working for AICC, however, it must not interfere with your immediate job and posting content mentioning AICC’s financial information, client/personal information, legal information or posting confidential information is a breach of confidentiality and is not tolerated. Further demeaning or offensive posts targeted towards AICC, its members or visitors will not tolerated and action may be taken against your position within the AICC.


Lastly AICC is not responsible for contributors posts to social media and has the right to delete any content or posts which are

  1. False/ misleading.
  2. Contrary to the values, purposes of AICC.
  3. Offensive or demeaning.
  4. Contains information that is deemed confidential.
  5. Breaching copyright.


If you have any further questions about our Social Media Policy, please send an email to:, with the subject title “Social Media Policy”