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The time of Qurbani is a very vital time to teach your children about in order to elevate their awareness of the pious act of giving. Sacrificing animals once a year on Eid-ul- Adha has significant meaning in Islam as the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim is what marks the very reason, Muslims sacrifice animals during Qurban. The event of Qurban helps us to educate our children the following lessons:


The act of Qurban is a symbol of equality between all Muslims. According to the lessons, the meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three equal parts: one part for yourself, one for close members of your family, and one for those in need.
This generous event teaches children the appreciated act of giving and depicts them that as human beings, we are all equal. There are many people around us who cannot afford good meat or cannot afford even a good meal; this pious occasion gives them the opportunity to enjoy the meal we frequently take for granted.


Another important lesson we learn from Qurban is sacrifice. The meaning of Qurbani is also ‘sacrifice’ and it assists people specifically children as a strong reminder that anything that is valuable can be sacrificed. The sacrificial animals that are sacrifice on Eid-ul-Adha are cared for and looked after and perceived as important and valuable assets.

Just as Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) sacrificed a ram in obedience to Allah SWT, we perform this act to demonstrate our dedication and commitment. It is a good way to teach your children about the realities and value of life. Educate your children that the most important thing in sacrifice is the sense of purpose and the sincerity of that act.


The sacrifice that is performed signifies willing obedience towards our Creator. It ingrains worship and respect for your children’s life values and helps them to grow up understanding their religious obligations. Qurbani symbolizes the loyalty we have for our Creator and that we are willing to follow all His commandments.