Activity Program rational Venue Times Organiser

Religious services

Daily prayer activities

Friday *Jumah


Prayer service provided for community. Prayers are five times daily prescribed through lunar calendar

Religious activity provided. *Social activity after prayer session eases social isolation.

Harrow Rd Auburn

Town Hall    Auburn

Wyatt Park Auburn

Five times daily dawn till evening

Between midday and 2pm depending on lunar calendar and daylight savings.

Mr. Alzoubi
‘Bright Start’ Children’s religious education classes. Children have Arabic/ Qoran lessons.

Social opportunity and community development.

Harrow Rd, Auburn. Daily. Sarah Alzoubi
Youth and Sport Community development and social opportunity for children’s and families Outdoor Sports Fields Two times, Weekly Sarah Alzoubi

Marriage Counselling/ Education

Pre- marriage counseling

Family dispute resolution

Community development

Pre-emptive solutions to family conflict.

Berala Community Centre Thursday daytime Moh’d Al-Zoubi