MOROCCO EARTHQUAKE: Over 2500 Lost, More Feared. Please Donate

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Jumada Al Oula 25, 1445 H.
Fajr4:14 AM
4:45 AM

Sunrise5:37 AM

Dhur12:47 PM
1:30 PM
Asr4:32 PM
4:45 PM
Maghrib7:57 PM
08:04 PM
Isha9:34 PM
9:30 PM
Sat 25 Jumada Al Oula 1445AH

25 Jumādā al-Ula 1445

Asr Iqamah

4:50 PM

4 Hours 19 Minutes
Iqamah3:31 AM4:37 AM11:50 AM4:50 PM7:01 PM8:24 PM

The Annual Ramadan Quran Memorisation Competition was completed with a ceremony in Ramadan 2016. Thousands of dollars cash was given in reward for both boys and girls and their was 7 levels of competition with the competitors training hard to get the top prize.

Delegates from the Saudi Embassy in Canberra also attended to help out the awards to the high achievers.

Stay tuned for details about next years competition.


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